Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Resurfaces From the Briny Deep

Photo: Disney

When it comes to reboots, there are few larger, taller, or more covered in buckles than the rumored Pirates of the Caribbean reboot. Now, over two years after 2017’s Dead Men Tell No Tales seemingly brought the franchise to rest in its watery grave, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Disney has hired screenwriter Ted Elliott to develop a new Pirates adventure. Elliott, who co-wrote The Curse of the Black Pearl, Dead Man’s Chest, At World’s End, and On Stranger Tides with Terry Rossio, will now be joined by Chernobyls Craig Mazin. While Mazin is the creator of the Emmy-winning HBO miniseries, he also co-wrote Scary Movie 3, and if you ask us, the best Pirates movies fall exactly in between those two properties.

As for whether or not the proposed reboot will include Pirates of the Caribbean character/main attraction Jack Sparrow, heretofore played by Johnny Depp, well, it’s unclear. The film is so early in the development process, Elliott and Mazin are reportedly just working on “a direction” and “a story,” which we can probably assume will be “out to sea” and “something having to do with a ship and a vengeful oceanic antagonist of some sort.”

Pirates of the Caribbean Reboot Surfaces From the Briny Deep