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Eddie Murphy Plans to Revive His Favorite Characters When He Hosts SNL

In addition to creating a helpful PSA about how to tell him apart from that other host, Jimmy Kimmel spent some time with a special guest during his show last night: Dolemite Is My Name star Eddie Murphy. It’s been a big year for the actor and comedian, between the new film, his recent announcement that he’s returning to stand-up, and his upcoming hosting gig on Saturday Night Live, so there was a lot to discuss when he sat down with Kimmel.

After chatting about his lifelong interest in ventriloquism, not being worried about returning to stand-up (“I’m thinking about making it as funny as possible, because I want to shut shit down when I do it”), Murphy answered an important question about hosting SNL: Will we see Gumby again?? “Oh yeah, I’m gonna do Gumby,” he told Kimmel. “And I’m trying to figure out some reason to do a Velvet Jones and ‘Mister Robinson’s Neighborhood.’” Congrats, SNL — Eddie Murphy just planned out half of this year’s Christmas episode so you don’t have to.

Eddie Murphy Plans to Revive His Favorite Characters on SNL