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Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Face Off in the Good Liar Trailer

Dame Helen Mirren and Sir Ian McKellen will trade withering glances for the first time on the big screen in Good Liar. Directed by Breaking Dawn Pts. 1 & 2’s Bill Condon, Good Liar is a con-man thriller based on the best-selling novel of the same name. McKellen plays Roy Courtnay, a veteran con man who’s planning on taking Mirren’s wealthy widow for all she’s got. But who is really conning whom? It’s Ballistic: Mirren vs. McKellen, and they should start engraving BAFTAs now to save time. Downton Abbey’s Jim Carter and Being Human’s Russell Tovey round out this thoroughly British game of cat and mouse. The Good Liar premieres in the U.S. November 15.

Good Liar Trailer: Helen Mirren and Ian McKellen Face Off