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Jason Momoa Definitely Stole Something, Not Including Your Heart, in Surprise SNL Cameo

Chance the Rapper’s Judge Barry has been at this a long time, and you don’t host First Impressions Court for years without knowing how to spot a con artist when you see him or her. Mullet with sideburns? Guilty. Ventriloquist dummy that looks exactly like its owner? Guilty. Sequin ball cap with a faux fur jacket and striped shorts? Definitely guilty.

During this week’s Saturday Night Live, Jason Momoa throws himself at the mercy of the court in a surprise cameo. How much mercy does the court have for a leopard-draped live-in nurse/gigolo/paralegal named Apollo Benz? Turns out, not much. Yes, he did steal an old woman’s heirloom earrings and pierce his nipples with them, but is that a crime? Oh, it is? Theft, you say. Looks like Judge Barry is going to make it to night church with plenty of time to spare.

Jason Momoa Stole Something, Maybe Your Heart, in SNL Cameo