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Stage Fright Trailer: Jenny Slate Is Our Favorite Turtle on Roller Skates

In addition to starring in Big Mouth, the wonderful Jenny Slate has another project heading to Netflix this month that is very much worth the attention of your ears and eyeballs. Announced last month, Stage Fright marks Slate’s very first comedy special, and in it she explores the titular problem that’s made her career performing in front of tons of people a bit of a struggle. Similar to Gary Gulman’s recent HBO special The Great Depresh, Stage Fright is a mix of Slate performing live as well as documentary footage of her with her family at home and some old home videos of her as a kid. In the trailer Netflix released today, Slate opens up about how much stage fright has plagued her over the years, especially when people try to talk her out of it: “The worst thing is like ‘Just be yourself!’ ’Cause I’m like, ‘Oh, okay! You should see how many selves there are in my psyche.’” Another solid description of living life that we can all relate to: “I feel like a turtle that just got roller skates and realized that things can be fast. I’m just like, ‘Aaahhh!’” Thankfully, Slate also offers a very wise reminder to balance out all the anxiety: “Who gives a shit?! Death will come for us all. I’m dressed for it.” Stage Fright heads to Netflix in just a little over two weeks on Tuesday, October 22.

Stage Fright Trailer: Jenny Slate, Turtle on Roller Skates