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Watch the Music Video for Justin Bieber’s Wife Guy Anthem ‘10,000 Hours’

Dan + Shay + Justin have released a floral music video for their wife guy anthem “10,000 Hours,” co-starring, yes, all their wives. According to Malcolm Gladwell, 10,000 hours is how long it takes to become an expert at anything. In this case, the thing you’re becoming an expert at is being a committed partner. Speaking of committed partners, Justin Bieber had his re-wedding on September 30 in South Carolina. Dan and Shay are also married, but they already did a song about their weddings. So we can assume this one is 100 percent about Hailey. Just kidding, it’s definitely about the bathroom-sign couple from their “icon video.”

Justin Bieber Gets Country on ‘10,000 Hours’ With Dan + Shay