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Kanye West Performs ‘Closed on Sundays’ at the Oculus, Famously Open 24/7

Kanye West caused a stir last Friday when he and a whole camera crew mysteriously showed up at the Oculus in Manhattan in the wee hours of the night. Now we know what it was all for: a performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The West Coast host set up shop in Brooklyn last week, got a visit from Kanye, and aired this performance the next night. Kanye and his Sunday Service choir sang “Closed on Sunday” from Jesus Is King at the famously always-open Oculus. Like, so open that people were just walking by, trying to catch a train, while they filmed at 3 a.m. With lyrics like “Closed on Sunday / You my Chick-fil-A,” these commuters probably thought some sort of fried-chicken commercial was being filmed. All this free promo and Chick-fil-A is still gonna be quaking when the Popeyes chicken sandwich comes back.

Kanye Performs ‘Closed on Sundays’ at the Oculus, Open 24/7