‘You My Chick-fil-A’ and Other Incredibly Kanye Lyrics From Jesus Is King

Photo: Kanye West/YouTube

Even though Jesus Is King is … thematically different than Kanye West’s previous albums, it holds onto a few Kanye traditions. One, it was super late. Like, a month late. And two, it has some really out-there lyrics. In the past, between Bible verses and religious imagery, Kanye made room for lyrics like old kickers “Couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter Alexus,” from “All Falls Down,” and “Hurry up with my damn croissants” from “I Am a God.” The content in Jesus Is King is a little heavier, but food and obscure references still stick out among his newer political statements. Here are a few of the lyrics that had us thinking, “I miss the old Kanye.”


Everybody wanted Yandhi / Then Jesus Christ did the laundry

Very Kanye West to call his fans out in a song. While it’s nowhere near the read Rihanna is going to give the Navy when her album finally comes out, Kanye acknowledges Yandhi’s disappearance and makes it clear that Jesus threw that out with the bathwater. Kanye only makes gospel music now.

“Closed on Sunday”

Closed on Sunday / You my Chick-fil-A / You’re my number one / With the lemonade

[*Genius lyrics annotation mode*] Chick-fil-A is an American fast-food establishment, famous for its Christian roots, polite employees, and being closed on Sunday as a testament to their faith. In 2017, they donated about $1.8 million to anti-LGBTQ organizations. In this lyric, it seems Kanye is ordering a Classic Chicken Sandwich combo, substituting lemonade for the sweet tea. He does not specify which side order he’d like.

No more living for the culture, we nobody’s slave

The irony of being anti-culture while actively creating culture. Weird flex, but okay.

“On God”

That’s why I charge the prices that I charge / I can’t be out here Dancing With the Stars

Kanye said if you’re even on the cusp of the B-list, don’t talk to him! But something tells me he would take a meeting with Sean Spicer anyway.

Thirteenth amendment, gotta end it, that’s on me

A 2019 Kanye lyric that wouldn’t make sense to 2004 us. Last year, Kanye actually tweeted then walked back this statement on TMZ, saying that he doesn’t think we need to abolish the 13th amendment to the Constitution (which, FYI, prohibits enslavement except as punishment for a crime). Instead, we should “amend” it. One too many syllables?

“Everything We Need”

What if Eve made apple juice? / You gon’ do what Adam do?

You’re saying there is nothing in this garden and Eve somehow made pressed juice? Who would say no to that?

“Follow God”

Riding on a white bike, feeling like Excitebike

Excitebike is an old NES video game that no one else is thinking about in 2019 except Kanye West.

I was looking at the ‘Gram and I don’t even like likes

How else can you keep up with the Kardashians?

‘You My Chick-fil-A’ and Other Incredibly Kanye Lyrics