Kanye West’s Yandhi Put on iTunes As Ringtones, Just to Add Insult to Injury

Photo: Cindy Barrymore/Shutterstock

Well, first of all, trolls, I had completely forgotten that ringtones are a thing, so joke’s on you, I’m enlightened! Second of all, I have not forgotten that today is officially one year since Kim Kardashian-West announced Yandhi’s release date, Black Friday 2018, and then the album never came. To celebrate, it seems like an enterprising fan with a lot of time and a blatant disrespect for iTunes’ uploading terms and conditions, published the nine leaked Yandhi tracks as ringtones. And they cost $1.29 each. Who is going to pay for leaked tracks? They’re … leaked. Yandhi is more than likely never going to see the light of day, especially considering Kanye West’s recent claims that he’s done making “secular” music. Now, he’s focused on not dropping his other new album Jesus Is King, and allegedly dropping an accompanying documentary about his Sunday Services and an affordable housing project on October 25. So I guess … Yandhi’s 26-second ringtones are all we have until Jesus Is King arrives.

Kanye’s Yandhi Hits iTunes Ringtones, Adds Insult to Injury