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The Knives Out Trailer Has a Lot of Pretty People Who Might Be Murderers

The only bad part about the trailer for Rian Johnson’s upcoming murder mystery, Knives Out, is the part where it says the movie hits theaters on Thanksgiving. Which is, in scientific terms, a whole ass lifetime away. Taking a step back from thoughtfully conceived science-fiction epics, Johnson has assembled a super-talented and wonderfully unexpected ensemble cast to make this whodunnit about a house full of suspects who all could have murdered their family’s rich patriarch, played by Christopher Plummer. It’s not the most obvious A-list collection of actors, but one where each name that rolls past you in the casting announcement makes you go, “Oh good choice!” So watch the new trailer and thrill as you catch Jamie Lee Curtis, Chris Evans, Don Johnson, Toni Collette, Michael Shannon, Katherine Langford, Jaeden Martell, Ana de Armas, and Analeigh Tipton try to convince Lakeith Stanfield and Daniel Craig that they didn’t kill their family member. Also: There’s a wall of knives!

The Knives Out Trailer Has a Lot of Pretty Maybe Murderers