in the shallow

Lady Gaga and a Fan Accidentally Go Off the Deep End, Watch As They Dive In

Lady Gaga Photo: Presley Ann/Getty Images for Haus Laboratori

Ally Maine (née Campana) may never hit the ground, but Lady Gaga absolutely did after she and a fan toppled off the stage at her Las Vegas show, Enigma. When Lady Gaga jumps on him, the fan makes one wrong step, falls to his knees, and then gravity does the rest. Gaga heads backward off the stage and straight onto the ground. “I’m off the deep end / Watch as I dive in” was more of a metaphor, but proud to know A Star Is Born fans are still out here mobbing. Everyone was fine, and afterward Lady Gaga assured the fan that it wasn’t his fault. “You promise me you’re not going to be sad about that, right?” she said, sitting with him on the piano.

Later, the fan tweeted a classic Notes App statement clearing up some rumors. No, he wasn’t drunk, and, no, he didn’t just pick up national treasure Lady Gaga. This is not A Star Is Born 2 and he is not Jackson Maine. Ultimately, he just shared a life experience with Lady Gaga that is bound to stick with her (and change her onstage fan etiquette) for good.

Lady Gaga and a Fan Accidentally Go Off the Deep End