happy birthday to who?

Lady Gaga Now Into ‘Fortnight,’ No Longer Into Remembering Her Friends’ Birthdays

Photo: (C)Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Haus Laboratori

What does one do the autumn after winning their first Oscar? If their name is Stefani Germanotta, the answer is get into Fortnite, of course! The artist known as Lady Gaga has spent the past few days asking Twitter about Fortnite, the online video game that is ridiculously popular with teenage boys. On Tuesday afternoon, Gaga took to Twitter to ask her 79.8 million little monsters, “What’s fortnight?” While she (intentionally?) misspelled the name of the game, the real meaning of her question was not lost to the public. At present, the tweet has racked up an astounding 894,600 likes (a number that continues to grow) and a cheeky reply from Fortnite aficionado and gaming celebrity, Ninja. Naturally, Gaga followed up and returned to Twitter the next day to pose a very important question that was probably on the minds of most people over the age of 25 following the thread: “@Ninja who are you?”

While Gaga’s Twitter activity the last few days might best be described as “odd,” her Instagram activity has been down right kooky by comparison. On Wednesday evening, Gaga posted on Instagram to wish her dear friend, Drake, a happy birthday. While on the surface this might seem like normal, perhaps even basic Instagram behavior, Gaga wished Drake a happy birthday on October 16, eight full days before he actually was born on October 24, 1986, leaving fans of both Gaga and Drake scratching their heads.

As of now, the reasoning behind Gaga’s Fortnite tweets and the Drake birthday post remain unclear. Is Gaga specifically courting Gen Z with the release of her incredibly anticipated next album that may or may not be titled ADELE? Does she not know or simply not care about the specific date Drake was born? Is wishing your friend a happy birthday eight calendar days before the date of their actual birth some kind of weird celebrity inside joke that we commoners are not privy to? Surely some of these questions will be answered as the rollout to LG6 continues, but until then our best guess is that Gaga lost a bet in her secret celebrity Fortnite league comprised of herself, Adele, and Champagne Papi.

Lady Gaga Into Fortnite, Not Into Remembering Birthdays