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Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Think Her SNL Performance Was That Bad, and Elton John Agrees

Photo: Lana Del Rey/YouTube

It’s hard to talk about Lana Del Rey as an artist without her infamous Saturday Night Live performance coming up. It was widely panned at the time and thought by some to be one of the worst on the show ever. Can’t we move onto other topics, like her dating a cop? Lana wants to move on too — and so does Elton John, as we learned from their conversation for Rolling Stone’s “Musicians on Musicians” issue. “You came through that awful thing in that Saturday Night Live [in 2012],” John told her. “Which was so distressing for someone like me to see someone so crucified. I’ve watched it, and it wasn’t that bad!” “It wasn’t terrible!” Del Rey replied. John, who said he first got in touch with Del Rey to offer support after the performance, added, “I don’t know what the agenda was there, but where was the #MeToo movement there?” We don’t quite know what he means by that, but apparently Del Rey did, responding, “Oh, you said it, not me!” Let’s just not forget about the live gifts she has given us in the years since, including her Ariana Grande cover.

Lana Del Rey and Elton John Talk Her SNL Performance