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Megan Mullally Reportedly Misses Multiple Will & Grace Episodes Due to On-Set Drama

Photo: NBC/Chris Haston/NBC

Oh (no), honey! The final season of Will & Grace is about to get significantly less martini-soaked. Per sources over TV Line, Megan Mullally will not be appearing in two of the season’s 18 episodes as Karen Walker, due to what’s being described as “on-set tensions.” Mullally reportedly took a short leave of absence from filming this month, and her character’s mini-departure will be explained within the show’s narrative when the episodes air. (Marriage counseling with special guest star Stan? A weekend of lust in the Adirondacks with normal guest star Malcolm?) While the epicenter of the drama isn’t known, TV Line notes that Mullally stopped following co-stars Debra Messing and Sean Hayes on social media a few months ago, which is particularly noteworthy, given that she and Hayes have been very public about their real-life close friendship.

Megan Mullally Misses Will & Grace Episodes Due to Drama