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Ready, Set, Repent, Remove! Great British Baking Show Cuts ‘Thoughtless’ Diabetes Joke

Photo: Netflix

An offhand joke said by judge Paul Hollywood has been removed from the most recent episode of The Great British Baking Show following a substantial amount of online criticism, both from fans and charitable organizations. As such, the comment never appeared on Netflix in the U.S., and it has also been scrubbed on the U.K.’s Channel 4 since airing earlier this week. Per Deadline, the episode found Hollywood remarking that a certain contestant’s gâteau saint honoré buns looked like “diabetes on a plate,” a dish that was created for the always-difficult Patisserie Week technical challenge. He has since offered an (another) apology on social media. “A remark I made on tonight’s show was thoughtless and I meant no harm, as both my grandad and my own mother suffer/suffered from diabetes,” Hollywood wrote. “Apologies.”

Great British Baking Show Cuts ‘Thoughtless’ Diabetes Joke