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What’s Going on With Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber?

Photo: Getty Images

Sound the alarms: Pete Davidson’s enchanting big dick energy may have landed him a new woman. This past week, he’s been spotted not once, but twice with the model Kaia Gerber, best known as Cindy Crawford’s 18-year-old daughter. (Because you’re wondering: Davidson is 25.) But does that mean something’s going on between the two? Are these hangouts, or perhaps dates? Have they … kissed? Here’s everything we currently know about their relationship.

So, what’s the evidence?

Admittedly, there’s not a ton yet. This Wednesday, a source told “Page Six” that Davidson left Gerber’s apartment in Soho, where paparazzi captured the comedian walking around wearing a zip-up and AirPods. Most recently, a woman captured a sneaky photo of the two eating lunch in a cozy corner booth at Sadelle’s restaurant, in which Davidson is beaming at Gerber (while she stares at her iPhone. Modern love!).

When would they have met?

It’s likely the duo met this past June, when they both walked Alexander Wang’s spring 2019 runway — which also happened to be Davidson’s modeling debut. Who among us, at one time or another, hasn’t swooned over a heavily tattooed man in a white tank top and backward baseball hat?

But didn’t Davidson just get out of a relationship?

Correct. Just last week, Davidson split from his doppelgänger, Margaret Qualley, after a few months of dating. But that’s not reason enough to shut down the possibility of Davidson and Gerber being “a thing.” Also, Gerber seems to be just his type.

How so?

Davidson loves a well-known celebrity daughter: He has dated Larry David’s (Cazzie David, remember that?), Andie MacDowell’s (Qualley), and now Gerber, who, as mentioned above, is Cindy Crawford’s daughter. It’s probably coincidental, but something to think about!

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