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British Actors Are Taking Our Roles, But Not If They Require a Nebraskan Accent, in Cut SNL Sketch

There’s a metric ton of British actors and actresses who can seamlessly transition into a flawless American accent (well, until they have to yell, then the jig is extremely up.) In Broadway’s A Shout Unscreamed, Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Cecily Strong star as two performers from across the pond who give their all — and then way, way, way too much more — in pursuit if delivering a convincing Nebraskan accent. This is actually the second Saturday Night Live sketch cut for time this week, making us wonder: who lost track of the clock over there? Not that we’re complaining. Nobody’s going to win a Tony for this play, but at least we got a little more Kyle Mooney and it forced us to look up what Nebraskan accents actually sound like in the wild. Just wonderful.

British Actors Can’t Do Nebraskan Accents in Cut SNL Sketch