Robert De Niro Reacts to The Irishman De-aging: ‘It Was Okay’

Robert De Niro. Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

If there’s one thing you know about The Irishman it’s probably that the big movie stars in it have been substantially digitally de-aged. It’s an epic Scorsese crime drama, but did you hear that all these 70-year-olds have young CGI faces? Robert De Niro, one of the stars of the film, certainly knows and Entertainment Tonight asked for his thoughts on the tech wizardry. He candidly told them, “It was okay. I just wanted it to work as best as it can,” and “they did a very good job, I felt.” The actor added, “They tried to make it the best to date that it could be.” Asked about his state of mind around everyone finally getting to see the film soon, De Niro said, “We worked on it for a long time, so finally we were able to do it and complete it and get it out. So we’re very happy that we were able to do it.” The Irishman is a finished film, and it is coming out. Huge if true.

Robert De Niro Reacts to The Irishman De-aging: ‘It Was OK’