Billy Porter Emcees CNN’s LGBTQ Town Hall in SNL Cold Open

“Warren-ing! Warren-ing! The senator is here,” announces Billy Porter, who graced the Saturday Night Live stage as an emcee and hype-person in a cold-open parody of CNN’s recent LGBTQ Town Hall. Kate McKinnon’s Elizabeth Warren burst onto the stage and was asked, “Let’s say you’ve been on the campaign trail. How would you respond if someone said to you, ‘I’m old-fashioned, and my faith teaches me that marriage is between one man and one woman.’” She starts to answer, “I’m going to assume it’s a guy.” Then, Porter chimes in, “Ooo, snap. The library is open and Miss Thing is about to get read.” Cue, purple sunglasses and a mic-drop moment. Also, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Julián Castro drops in “from the house of urban deliciousness,” and Woody Harrelson returns as “Delaware daddy” Vice-President Joe Biden.

Billy Porter Emcees CNN’s Town Hall in SNL Cold Open