SNL’s Bowen Yang Gives Us Something We Didn’t Know We Needed As China’s ‘Trade Daddy’

New SNL cast member Bowen Yang has cemented his status as an instantly iconic “Weekend Update” character with Chen Biao, a tariff expert with the Chinese government. Chen was full of electric, angry energy as he explained to us exactly why China does not particularly care about U.S. sanctions, telling us in no uncertain terms that “this trade war is tit for tat, baby. And in China we got some tig ol’ bitties.” Judging by audience reaction, Chen Biao’s words resonated with many. He may be a tariff expert, but we’d like to hear his opinions on everything. But we also understand if we only meet him this once. His genius is such that we wonder if we may have dreamed him up. If so, it was a sweet dream indeed. Scream on, Chen.

SNL’s Bowen Yang is Instantly Iconic As Trade Daddy