SNL’s Bowen Yang Is the Platonic Ideal of a SoulCycle Instructor

SoulCycle may have been canceled this summer, but Bowen Yang might be funny enough to single-handedly bring it back. During last night’s SNL, Yang played Flint — like the water — a cycling enthusiast who auditions to become the newest SoulCycle instructor in White Harlem. A little about Flint: He lives life with no regrets! He Googled “racism” and it bummed him out! He then Googled “gay racism” and that was even worse! While Flint seems like the natural choice for the cycling instructor position, he has some stiff competition for the gig. Host David Harbour is Deacon, a man who lost his leg because a lumberjack thought it was a tree. Heidi Gardner is Trix, a woman who was bullied growing up because she looked like a model. Kate McKinnon is Kyle, a girl who got kicked out of Scientology because she was “too lazy.” While any of them would make amazing SoulCycle instructors, our heart belongs to Flint. He was the only cyclist who would have saved Abraham Lincoln if given the chance, which is obviously the main quality we look for in a spin instructor.

SNL’s Bowen Yang Is the Platonic Ideal of a Spin Instructor