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If You Know What’s Happening in This SNL E-Sports Sketch, You Need to Get Out of the House More

Pity the Knicks correspondent who had to fill in at this year’s League of Legends World Championship, as — contrary to popular belief — it’s not a basketball tournament filled with the NBA’s finest players. No worries. He’s (Chance the Rapper) a professional and gonna try to do a good job, even if that means channeling a Tom Hanks–in-Saving-Private-Ryan mindset to understand what the hell e-sports are. “There are ten nerdy dudes sitting down at computers with headsets on, while 20,000 people scream like they were watching the Beatles. I didn’t know this was a thing,” he commentates. “The game looks like how a seizure feels. If you know what’s going on in this clip, you need to get out of the house more.” Know anything about Team Echo’s attack strategy? Or their use of CC on cooldown? Help him out.

You Know This SNL E-Sports Sketch? Get Out of the House More