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Protect Your Ass at All Costs After Watching Chance the Rapper’s SNL Death Ditty

David S. Pumpkins walked so Unknown Singing Ghost could run. When some teenagers are subjected to a ditty of the damned listening party from a quartet of graveyard ghosts, you might assume that Chance the Rapper’s spirit did not die from a lifelong addiction to sticking nine-volt batteries up his ass. (Hey, the jolts felt really good, okay?) But that would deprive you of one hell of a disturbing bop, which culminates in his quest to get the ultimate voltage strike on his roof: “Like Benjamin Franklin with his key and kite / That lightening hit my pole that night / I squealed with delight but I quickly stopped / When my insides fried and my colon popped.” We’ll stop there, since he also shits himself. And, uh, since his penis caught on fire.

Protect Your Ass After Chance the Rapper’s SNL Death Ditty