SNL Reconnects Families Thanks to the ‘Father-Son Podcasting Microphone’

Yes, Billy Porter’s cameo during the SNL cold open and the gritty Grouch origin film were very funny moments of David Harbour’s episode last night, but don’t sleep on the above sketch that came later in the show. Harbour stars in a commercial parody alongside cast member Kyle Mooney as a father and son who desperately need a way to emotionally connect. It can be tough these days for fathers to create long-lasting, emotional bonds with their sons, but thankfully SNL has created the perfect solution: the “Father-Son Podcasting Microphone.” It conveniently gets rid of all the awkward feelings that men have about actually having a raw conversation with their child, because if it’s on a podcast, it’s okay! Plus, when things get too intense, “you can always shift gears with a quick commercial!” Thank you, SNL, for all of the fathers and sons you are saving with this genius invention: “It just has to get you through three awkward years before you can both start drinking together.”

SNL Reconnects Fathers and Sons With the Power of Podcasts