Heidi Gardner’s Teen Movie Critic Has Complicated Thoughts About Joker

During David Harbour’s SNL episode, Todd Phillips’s new Joker movie wasn’t only mentioned once during the expertly done parody for an Oscar the Grouch movie. It also received a mention during “Weekend Update,” when cast member Heidi Gardner returned as teen movie critic Bailey Gismert to fill Michael Che in on all the films she’s checked out recently. What did she think of It Chapter Two? “Pennywise, you keep hanging out with those same kids? Like, you’re a dusty-ass clown. Awkward!” What about Judy? “I’m in jazz choir too, but I didn’t make a whole jazz-choir movie about it.” When Che brings up Joker, however, the tone noticeably shifts. “Yeah, it’s like, psycho, but like, it’s nothing I can’t handle,” she says coyly. “Bailey, do you like the Joker?!” Che asks, surprised. “Okay, his name is Arthur. And I don’t ‘like’ him, I just like … think I could help him.” But Bismert feels, like, super awkward admitting she actually likes Joker in front of Che: “I know you know him ’cause you’re both, like, trying to do comedy or whatever. Like, if you tell him that I like him, like, he could kill me!” Don’t embarrass Bailey like this, Che!

SNL: Heidi Gardner’s Teen Movie Critic Reviews Joker