SNL: Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, and David Harbour’s Song About Time Is Eternal

We’re pretty sure no one was asking for, or expecting, an SNL sketch inspired by Peter, Paul and Mary in 2019, but sometimes it’s the completely unexpected ideas that lead to the funniest moments on the show. During last night’s episode, host David Harbour joined cast members Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant as a Peter, Paul and Mary–like folk trio named “Peter, Paula & Murray,” who perform a wonderfully bizarre song about time back in 1962 that just gets more and more absurd. According to the soothing folk group, time ain’t nothing but a bunch of numbers we spend doing things. Some of our favorite numbers from the song: “I’ve spent one, two, three years trying to impress my therapist”; “Four years with a goatee that said I’m a virgin magician”; “Three years changing the diapers of a kid who emancipated from me”; “18 years raising a son who does stand-up about my paintings”; and of course, “12 hours standing on a bridge saying ‘Do it, you coward.’” There is truly no better celebration of time than this musical masterpiece.

SNL Gifts Us All With a Song About Time That’s Eternal