SNL’s ‘Little Miss Teacher’s Friend’ Is a Battle for the Annoyingly Mature

When you’re a kid in school, there are always going to be students who suck up to the teachers, but there’s a suck-up subset that’s very distinct and worthy of highlighting separately, as showcased during David Harbour’s episode of SNL last night in a pageant-competition sketch titled “Little Miss Teacher’s Friend.” You see, these aren’t just your typical, average ass-kissers — they’re very young students cursed with a level of maturity so far beyond their years that all they want is for their teachers see them as equals and BFFs. Well, they’re mature, but not so mature that things like tattling on their classmates for brownie points is beneath them. They’re students like Aidy Bryant’s Sabrina, who’s “a natural helper and shusher of boys.” Or Kate McKinnon’s Corinne, who “loves horses but is scared of them,” has “taken four CPR classes just in case,” and really just wishes her peers would behave so Mrs. Pallarro “wouldn’t have to have a headache all the time.” Or Melissa Villaseñor’s Dina, who “knows a lot of saints.” Or finally, Chloe Fineman’s Brittany, who “gets to do word searches instead of gym because of her scoliosis, her asthma, and her religion.” Who will win this year’s coveted “Little Miss Teacher’s Friend” title? You’ll have to watch the sketch yourself to find out.

Students Compete to Be the Ultimate Teacher’s Friend on SNL