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Carell and Colbert Reminisce About Their Days Puking and Punching Each Other

During last night’s Late Show, Stephen Colbert got the chance to catch up with a friend who he shares a very long, very funny history with: Steve Carell. Carell was on the show to promote his upcoming Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, but thankfully for comedy fans, the bulk of their conversation was good old-fashioned reminiscing about their days spent performing together at Second City, then The Dana Carvey Show, and then Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show (“Even Stevphen” forever!). Special attention is paid to the Dana Carvey Show sketch called “Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food,” in which their fake-puking talents were so impressive that it led to them getting hired for their next gigs at Comedy Central. If you haven’t seen it, you really should — and if you’re familiar, you know it’s always worth a revisit:

They also revisited a 2001 Daily Show segment they did together called “Drink Responsibly,” in which Colbert guided Carell through a long night of getting absolutely wasted (or as Colbert called it at the time, “stunned as a bag of hammers”). This example also involves puking — only this time it was 100 percent real and inside Colbert’s car:

Remember, kids: Don’t try fake puking or extreme drinking like this at home. Leave it to the professionals.

Carell and Colbert Remember Their Days Punching Each Other