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Nicholas Braun, 6’7", Is Too Large for the Set of The Ellen Show

If Nicholas Braun isn’t a household name in your home, you clearly haven’t seen the vehicle for Nicholas Britell’s career as a rap producer, Succession. But long before he was Greg Hirsch, Braun went up for the role of a lifetime: titular character Henry in 2001 Showtime TV movie Walter and Henry. So, the guy’s been a big star since before he was famously six-foot-seven on HBO. On The Ellen Show, the now-31-year-old recalled leaving his successful audition with his dad at just 11 years old, all the while trying not to knock over Ellen’s coffee table with his limbs. “There’s other kids around who are still up for the job, so we don’t talk, you know?” Braun sets it all up. “We go down the elevator, we go outside. It’s in New York City. He looks at me. It’s like swirling outside. It’s loud, whatever, and I’m buzzing. He goes, ‘So, how’d it go?’ And I put my hands up like this. He puts his hands down like this. And I go, ‘I fucking nailed it, Daddy!’” He fucking nailed it, Daddy. Poetry. If that’s not in the script for Succession season three, then I assume papa Tom Wambsgans (Matthew Macfadyen) has been blood sacrificed, leaving Greg to take over. At least, that’s what Ellen’s gunning for.

Nicholas Braun, 6’7", Is Too Big for The Ellen Show