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Succession’s Stewy on His White Turtleneck: ‘It Was Audacious and So Thick’

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Much has been made, around these parts anyway, about the many excellent sweaters on Succession. (There is also one decidedly not-excellent sweater.) At last week’s premiere of The Great Society, the Robert Schenkkan play in which Brian Cox stars as LBJ, Vulture caught two of Cox’s Succession co-stars and asked them about the show’s sartorial choices. First up was Arian Moayed, who said he was very pro-Vulture’s sweater ranking, and conceded that Shiv has had a lot of good sweaters in season two. Moayed’s favorite, though, was of course his character Stewy’s “Argestes” white turtleneck: “The turtleneck is amazing. There’s two things I want to say about the turtleneck: The moment I put it on, I was like, He is wearing this. It was audacious and so thick. And then they’re like, ‘What about this suede jacket over it? What about this?’ I loved it the moment I put it on,” he said. “The second thing is, Matthew McFadyen [who plays Tom] told me, ‘You should definitely try to get that sweater and that suede jacket.’ I didn’t listen to him. Who knows! It’s in a storage room somewhere. That was a real poor decision on my part.”

Peter Friedman, who plays the Logan’s erudite adviser Frank, lamented that he hasn’t gotten any great sweaters this season. “Just wait,” he said. “There’s one more. In the tenth episode, they put me in this cute little double-breasted blue guy … that we leave open for some reason.” I would like to see it!

Succession’s Stewy on His Turtleneck: ‘It Was Audacious’