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The 19 Most Twisted Things Joker Does in Joker, Ranked

He’s a real wild and crazy guy. Photo: Niko Tavernise/Warner Bros.

Ever since Joker premiered at the Venice Film Festival, both supporters and detractors have painted the film as a searing portrait of depravity. The Guardian dubbed it “a tale that’s almost as twisted as the man at its centre, bulging with ideas and pitching towards anarchy.” Indiewire called it “one of the most transgressive studio blockbusters of the 21st Century.” In the weeks since, the movie’s marketing has been all too happy to spread that message, with many fans, and even some police departments, now convinced that Joker is the second coming of Cannibal Holocaust. But is that true? In order to provide moviegoers with as much information as possible before they decide whether or not to see Joker, here is a comprehensive list of the deviant acts that Joker performs in Joker, ranked from least to most evil.

Warning: This list contains light spoilers.

Tier I: A Little Strange

19. Visits a comedy club, but laughs at the setups.

18. Regularly bathes his elderly mother.

17. Gives people a creepy smile.

16. Makes his therapist read his “joke journal.”

15. Dances shirtless with a gun in the privacy of his own home.

14. Shows up at a young boy’s house and gives him an impromptu magic show.

Tier II: Microaggressions

13. Says the word “telly” to a British person.

12. Dances to “Rock and Roll Part 2” even though Gary Glitter has been canceled.

11. Calls Brian Tyree Henry “brother.”

10. Kisses an old woman on live TV.

Tier III: Truly Mad

9. Honks a horn to interrupt those who displease him.

8. When confronted with someone else’s misfortune, he actually laughs.

7. Walks in through an “out” door.

6. Claims, “I don’t believe in anything.”

5. Climbs into a fridge even though there’s no nuke around.

4. Crosses out a sign that says, “Don’t Forget to Laugh” so that it becomes “Don’t Laugh.”

Tier IV: High Crimes and Misdemeanors

3. Murder.

2. Strikes up a conversation with a stranger in a movie-theater bathroom.

1. Continues an interaction with his neighbor after they get off an elevator together.

Wow. I have nothing else to say except that’s chilling. Will you be able to handle it?

The 19 Most Twisted Things Joker Does in Joker, Ranked