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The Aeronauts Trailer: Felicity Jones Asks Eddie Redmayne ‘Do You Even Have a Balloon?’

Wow, when was the last time we got some good hot-air-balloon content? Lately it’s all space shuttle this and space shuttle that. Inspired by a true story, Felicity Jones and Eddie Redmayne take it old-school in The Aeronauts trailer. She’s a daredevil hot-air-balloon pilot facing a misogynistic industry (world, let’s be real). He’s a scientist with the wild idea that we can predict the weather. Together, they pull an Up and take a hot-air balloon to the highest height anyone had ever gone, facing dangers on the way. Jones and Redmayne reunite for the first time since Academy Award–nominated The Theory of Everything and are joined by Yesterday’s Himesh Patel. The Aeronauts hits theaters on December 6 and Amazon Prime video December 20. In the meantime, screenwriters: Think up some more hot-air-balloon ideas. We can’t all be sad in space.

The Aeronauts Trailer: Felicity Jones Goes Up, Up, and Away