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The Grudge Trailer: The Croak Returns To Haunt You and Also John Cho

Years ago, the first iteration of horror film The Grudge taught us that when a person dies in the grip of rage, something very bad happens to their spirit. They become slaves to a terrible curse, and lord help anyone who enters the house they died inside of. Today we get our first look at director Nicolas Pesce’s take on the famous Japanese franchise. It stars John Cho as a real-estate agent unknowingly trying to sell the cursed house, Andrea Riseborough as a police officer investigating the suspicious activity Cho witnesses inside, and Demián Bichir as another cop who knows better than to go fussing around the place even if there are crimes to solve. There’s also Jackie Weaver looking scared, Lin Shaye looking terrorized, and Betty Gilpin looking like she’s ready to sell your house in a cheesy for-sale-sign photo with Cho. There are also plenty of Grudge-y treats for the fans out there, like the head fingers and the ominous long black hair and what we assume is poor, evil Kayako — the franchise big bad — doomed to claim souls in the name of the curse forever. What we don’t see is little Toshio, so hopefully they’re just keeping him as a surprise for later. The Grudge croaks into theaters on January 3.

The Grudge Trailer: The Croak Returns to Haunt You