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The New Walking Dead Series Has a Trailer, Because The Walking Dead Will Live Forever

The children may be our future, but they’re also kinda dumb sometimes. AMC’s next spinoff of The Walking Dead, which does not yet have a title, picks up a decade after the zombiepocalypse when a walled city of about 9,000 people has formed within the undead chaos. It’s not like a Negan-run dictatorship. It’s a seemingly functional society that’s trying to approximate life before the fall, and a handful of our primary heroes are kids (a generation dubbed Endlings) who, for some reason, want to go beyond the gates and explore the great unknown. “I came out here to see what the world is, start to finish,” a boy in a pretentious suit says. “I don’t intend to finish before I start.” That’s cute and all, kiddo, but didn’t anyone tell you the world is still filled with flesh-eating monsters? You’re not even dressed to fight the zombies! What were you going to do? Invite them to a posh lunch so you can talk through your problems? Anyway, Nico Tortorella also stars in this new Dead world where some will “become heroes” while others “become villains,” but “in the end, all of them will be changed forever.” And some will surely be changed into zombies! Look for it in spring of next year.

The New Untitled Walking Dead Series Has a Trailer