cooking lessons from the rock

The Rock Returns to Offer Some Cooking Lessons on WWE’s Friday Night SmackDown

If you’ve ever smelled what the Rock is cooking, then this week’s Friday Night SmackDown must be like Thanksgiving at Grandma’s house for you. He might go by Dwayne Johnson now that he’s a wildly successful actor (since, you know, that’s his legal name), but when he returns to WWE, the Rock is always and forever known by his infamous nom de guerre. On Friday night, the ten-time World Champion joined Becky “the Man” Lynch in squaring off against King Baron Corbin. Or, as the Rock dubbed him, a “35-year-old virgin hanging out at Comic Con” and a “super tough dude,” which he soon had the crowd chanting as “STD.” Either way, one thing is clear: The WWE People’s Champ has a lifelong alumni pass to the gun show.

The Rock Offers Cooking Lessons on Friday Night SmackDown