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Thank God The Witcher Trailer Includes the Essential Henry Cavill Bathtub Shot

Netflix just dropped the first official trailer for its new fantasy epic, an adaptation of The Witcher, and in addition to pressing your Game of Thrones buttons, it offers a new gift: Henry Cavill in the tub. Long, platinum hair? Check. Glimmering candlelit torsos? Check. Warfare and burning cities? Check and double-check. An amber-eyed Cavill playing a jacked, world-weary monster hunter by the name of Geralt of Rivia who likes to brood during bath time?? Huge yes. That wasn’t even on your Game of Thrones checklist, but now that you have it, you can just crumple that paper up and toss it right in the trash. Here is a still of tub Henry that you can save to your files. Oh yeah, and the show comes out December 20.

The Witcher Trailer: Click to See Henry Cavill in the Tub