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Timothée Chalamet Channels His Inner East Village Philosophy Major on BBC Radio 1

The “I dropped out of Columbia” vibes jumped out while Timothée Chalamet chatted with Nick Grimshaw and listened to fans’ shower thoughts. BBC Radio 1 listeners sent in their best Kyle Scheible–esque conspiracies and deep revelations for the pair to react to, providing no real insight on whether or not we really exist if our body handles most of the upkeep or why humans decided pressing lips together means love. Thoughtful nods? Flowing hair? “Are we leading the ship or is the ship leading us?” He’s just one Nietzsche reference from having his index finger magically replaced with a Juul. The one that truly riled Chalamet up isn’t about humanity, though. “Do cats lick us to get rid of the taste of their own backsides?” inquisitive listener Martin asked. Chalamet takes a moment to think. “Whatever it is, it’s always a bummer for them,” he sympathizes. “I’ve never seen a cat lick anyone’s hand and go, Oh, that was the right thing to do. It’s always steeped in deep regret and weeks of pensive sorrow.” Strong secret-Instagram-with-photos-of-bodega-cats energy. Another universal truth: You can take the boy out of Manhattan, but you simply cannot make him any less of an East Village bro.

Timothée Chalamet Channels His Inner Philosophy Major