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Will Smith Confirms That Being a Movie Star Is Officially Old News by Joining TikTok

You know when your dad gets a new electronic device, and he is simultaneously very excited yet very confused because he doesn’t know how all the buttons work? Well, it looks like this exact scenario happened to Willow and Jaden this week. On Wednesday night, Will Smith announced that he is officially expanding his social-media empire by joining TikTok, the app that turns every teen into a mini-Scorsese for up to 15 seconds. Smith’s first TikTok features a youth scrolling through photos of Smith on his phone while a rap song plays underneath. He eventually plucks one of the photos of Smith off of his Phone, and physically drops Smith into the room with him! As the song crescendos, the camera zooms in on a visibly confused Smith who says, “I guess I’m on TikTok now. That was weird” before ending the video by awkwardly looking around like the middle-aged man that he is. Smith is not the only movie star to step up their social-media game recently, as Reese Witherspoon joined TikTok last week with the help of her son, Deacon. If megawatt movie stars keep downloading apps to connect with their teenage children, we predict that the film industry will be rendered completely obsolete in approximately 18 months. Thanks a lot, Gen Z!

Will Smith Is Over Being a Movie Star, Into Being on TikTok