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Chivalry Isn’t Dead, It’s in This Trailer for A Knight Before Christmas

Vanessa Hudgens is to Netflix holiday movies as Lori Loughlin was to Lifetime holiday movies and now that Loughlin is preoccupied, Hudgens just might come for that gig, too. This year, the former High School Musical star is expanding her Christmas kingdom not just to include The Princess Switch 2, but also A Knight Before Christmas. She plays Brooke, a science teacher who didn’t even mourn chivalry, she just forgot about it. But it turns out to find love she just had to look to the past. By some sort of Christmas magic, a random medieval knight, Sir Cole (Josh Whitehouse) shows up in her life and shows her how well she should be treated. Yes, it’s gender-swapped Enchanted with a dash of Outlander and, yes, we will be watching it as soon as it hits Netflix on November 21.

Chivalry Lives in the Knight Before Christmas Trailer