The Director of Little Monsters Graduates to Directing the New RoboCop

Photo: Courtesy of Orion.

You can file this one under Another Huge Movie That Neill Blomkamp Isn’t Actually Making. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the writer and director of the recently released zombie comedy Little Monsters, Abe Forsythe, will next helm a revival of RoboCop. If you’re wondering right now, “Wait, wasn’t Blomkamp supposed to be in charge of the latest franchise reboot?” The answer is yes. Yes he was, but much like his rumored Alien and Halo movies before it, Blomkamp’s Cop seems to have been scrapped. Instead, Forsythe will tackle a franchise installment that is said to be a direct sequel to Paul Verhoeven’s classic from 1987, and it will be produced by original screenwriters Ed Neumier and Michael Miner. So, it’s skipping over the sequels and ignoring the 2014 attempt at a revival starring Joel Kinnamen. A pretty impressive leap for Forsythe to go from little monsters to man-size robots.

Abe Forsythe Will Direct the Next RoboCop Reboot