This Baby Yoda Concept Drawing Is Cuter Than You’re Ready For

Director Jon Favreau has read the room — and Twitter — and he knows exactly what the people need from the fancy new Disney+ Star Wars show, The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda. He’s got big ears and a tiny robe with a large collar, and he has promptly become the main reason you’re willing to cave and buy another streaming subscription. He floats around in an egg crib, and even Werner Herzog has described him as “heartbreakingly beautiful” to behold in person. Vulture has given you many questions about Baby Yoda, and also many GIFs, but today Favreau provided something new. He tweeted out an image of some original Baby Yoda concept art, and now your innocence is restored. That feeling inside you? It’s hope, and it comes from looking at Baby Yoda’s little Yoda toes and little Yoda fingers and slight, little Yoda grimace. Now pick yourself up off the floor like a little Baby Yoda and go forward with love in your heart.

This Baby Yoda Concept Art Is Cuter Than You’re Ready For