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New Bad Boys for Life Trailer Teases Wife Guy Martin Lawrence

Just in time for your 4:45 p.m. sundown-induced seasonal affective disorder comes the sunniest, most alliterative letter-B trailer since Beach Bum: It’s Bad Boys for Life. Will Smith and Martin Lawrence are partnered up and buddy-copping all over again, and they look positively California radiant as they crack jokes and take down the Romanian mob. This Bad Boys threequel trailer shows Marcus Burnett (Lawrence) and Mike Lowery (Smith) getting saddled with a hot young special-ops team called “AMMO,” which Smith calls “a High School Musical boy band with guns.” First, take note, Disney+. Second, AMMO includes Charles Melton and Vanessa Hudgens, which begs the question: If High School Musical exists in the Bad Boys-verse, but Vanessa Hudgens doesn’t, who played Gabriella Montez? Did AMMO agent Maya “Lethal Gun” Dunsmore get her start as a teen triple threat? Internal logic aside, this trailer shows us a more mature, grown-up version of the Bad Boys: Lawrence says “family is the only thing that matters,” like some kind of a Fast and Furious character. He calls his wife! He worries about the extent of the damage that action sequences do to his wife’s car! More like Bad Boys for Wife! The trailer also has that greatest of all sight gags, a dog in a sidecar. Until its release on January 17, 2020, we’ll leave you with one more gleeful gem from the trailer, courtesy of Smith doing wheelies in a Porsche: “Even the Batmobile don’t hold the road like this bitch!” You hear that, Robert Pattinson?

Bad Boys for Life Trailer Teases Wife Guy Martin Lawrence