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Bad Bunny’s Video for His New Breakup Song ‘Vete’ Is a Series of Bad Bunny–Level Flexes

As we already know from his Twitter presence, Bad Bunny is an icon, regardless of what the Latin Grammys think. The video for his new single “Vete” (Spanish for “go away”) tracks flexes on flexes from the reggaeton star. The couple fighting in the beginning suggests a story line, and a closer look at the lyrics shows that this is a classic breakup song. But Bad Bunny is better off without them, as he shows us in the video, and we just want to watch him. We’ll watch him wear those iconic triangle sunglasses, we’ll watch him show off his sports car, we’ll watch him kick back at a party while wearing said glasses and showing off said sports car. And the man has reason to flex: Just days after he called out the Latin Grammys for not recognizing reggaeton, his X 100pre and Oasis (with J. Balvin) albums are both up for the best Latin rock, urban or alternative album Grammy. So party it up, Bad Bunny — and maybe invite us next time?

Bad Bunny’s New Video Is a Series of Bad Bunny–Level Flexes