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Watch Billie Eilish Get Kids to Say the Darndest, Creepiest Things

Jimmy Kimmel Live! must have an excellent child-casting service. Whenever they need to have kids react to Star Wars toys or have their Halloween candy taken away, they find the cutest little nuggets. And when they need a child to talk to Billie Eilish about how Pennywise the Dancing Clown is drinking a grandmother on her head, well, they can find that kid, too. Billie Eilish asked kids where they go when they sleep, and their answers ranged from the horrifying to the adorable. If Tiffany Haddish ever gets tired of hosting everything, she can give Kids Say the Darndest Things to Eilish. It’ll be in good hands.

Billie Eilish Hangs With a Creepy Kid on Jimmy Kimmel Live!