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Cats Will Reportedly Screen in Time to Compete for the Golden Globes After All

Let the games begin! Photo: Universal Pictures/YouTube

As everyone knows, the biggest possible reward for a Jellicle Cat is a trip up, up, up to the Heaviside Layer to be reborn into a new life, but a few Golden Globes would be nice, too. Now, the cats might actually be able to win some. Previously, it was reported that the movie-musical Cats wouldn’t be ready to screen until mid-December, and would therefore miss the deadlines to be considered for a lot of major movie awards, including critics’ groups and the Golden Globes (for which a big, expensive movie-musical full of A-listers would be … catnip). But according to Variety, Cats has been scheduled to screen for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which runs the Globes, in early December after all. So Cats could very well show up at the ceremony, and not just because this year’s host Ricky Gervais will inevitably make crude jokes about them.

HFPA members must see all the movies by December 4, which means they’d have to witness the Jellicle Ball in person sometime before then. The Golden Globe nominations are announced on December 9. Yes, “Beautiful Ghosts” fans, there is a Best Original Song category. And no, I am definitely not Googling “how to apply to the Hollywood Foreign Press quickly” right now so that I can see this movie early too.

Cats Reportedly to Screen in Time for the Golden Globes