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Clint Eastwood Isn’t Going to Stop Working for Some Puny Wildfire

Photo: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Scene report: A wildfire is creeping closer and closer to the heart of Burbank, California with every passing hour, and it’s so dire that Warner Bros. Studio was evacuated as a preventative measure for its employees. That is, everyone except Clint Eastwood willingly left the property, as the director refused to depart so he could finish editing his new bio-drama, Richard Jewell. The man has a deadline to make. Chances were taken. Pollution masks were maybe worn. Did we mention the film has a December 13 release date? Good grief! “Security told us to evacuate the studio. But my 89 year old father said, ‘No were good, There’s work to be done.’ Then we went into the mixing stage and all watched his new movie,” Eastwood’s son and number one hype man, Scott, wrote on social media. “As he would say, get back to work and shut up.” I, I … I’ll do that right now.

Clint Eastwood Won’t Stop Working for Some Puny Wildfire