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The Color Out of Space Trailer Only Hints at How Fully Insane This Movie Gets

If you want to see a sci-fi horror movie that feels like Annihilation meets Mandy, then you’ve got a feast ahead of you with Color Out of Space. Writer and director Richard Stanley adapted the story by H.P. Lovecraft, and it is a hypnotic explosion of bright colors and escalating body horror. Nicolas Cage stars as Nathan Gardner opposite Joely Richardson as his wife. Together, they have three kids, a gorgeous house in the woods, a pack of llamas, and shortly after we meet them in the movie, they also have a glowing space rock in their yard that brings inexplicable havoc into their lives. Cage gives a glorious Rage Cage performance as life in the forest gets more and more out of hand, and you can see it for yourself in theaters starting January 24.

Color Out of Space Trailer Hints at How Insane This Movie Is