Danny Pudi’s Favorite Community Episode Was Also the One He Was Shooting When His Kids Were Born


Season three, Episode 17, “Basic Lupine Urology,” or “The One Where My Wife Went Into Labor and I Couldn’t Leave Until I Finished My Scenes,” is Danny Pudi’s favorite Community episode, but not just for its fun Law & Order parody. As he told Vulture Spot host Jamie Loftus while at Vulture Festival this weekend, alongside co-stars Yvette Nicole Brown and Jim Rash, the actor happened to be shooting that episode when his wife Bridget Showalter went into labor with their twins James Timothy and Fiona Leigh. The first clip-show episode was pretty good, too (and Brown’s personal favorite!), but yeah, if Danny Pudi had to pick, the one during which he became a father would definitely be the winner. Danny Pudi’s least favorite episode? Presumably the one he shot with a full-on broken nose.

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Danny Pudi Shot Favorite Community Ep With His Wife In Labor