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Diddy Would Like to Be Excluded From Comcast’s Inclusion Narrative

Photo: John Salangsang/Variety/Shutterstock

Diddy’s TV network Revolt does business with Comcast, sure, but he doesn’t want to be associated with the conglomerate any more than that. With Comcast in the middle of a Supreme Court discrimination lawsuit over denying to run programming from a black entrepreneur’s TV network, Diddy is becoming part of a narrative he wants to be excluded from (thank you very much), cited by Comcast as an example of their support of black TV creators. “While it is true that we are in business with Comcast, it is not accurate to use my name or my network as an example of inclusion,” he wrote on Twitter. “I do not want my name to be used inaccurately so I must speak my truth.” Some analysts worry the case could have repercussions for civil rights at large, as Diddy explains in a later tweet: “Comcast is arguing that this law only applies if racial discrimination is the only factor that leads to a refusal to do business, which would be extremely hard to prove. If they are successful, it will become much harder for any victim of discrimination to seek justice in court.” Let this man speak his piece in front of the courts!

Diddy Wants to Be Excluded From Comcast Inclusion Narrative