Who’s Buying Me Hugsy, Joey’s Nighttime Penguin Pal, From the Friends Auction?

Will I liquidate my Roth IRA for this? Photo: Warner Bros.

Could there be a worst time to convince my accountant I’m not always playing fast and loose with my savings? Warner Bros. announced today that dozens of notable Friends props and costumes will be auctioned off to celebrate the show’s 25th anniversary, which is set to go public here on Tuesday, December 3. (It’s also going to raise money for charity. No, the charity isn’t the pockets of Warner Bros.) While the full scope of items hasn’t yet been revealed, the prime lot right now is undeniably the beloved Hugsy the Nighttime Penguin Pal, as well as these memorable props you’ll remember from your years of incessant rewatching: Joey and Chandler’s wooden canoe, Joey’s Soap Opera Digest magazine, and Monica and Chandler’s wedding invitation set. There will also be a ton of Rachel outfits, and — this is huge — you don’t even have to cut your hair to a shaggy bob to buy them. Just pony up about $5,000, instead.

Who’s Buying Me Hugsy From the Friends Auction?